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Well hello, I'm

Elisabeth Wolfson

Innovator of The Hairdo-Lini Experience

My Zone of Excellence

20 + years Expert of: 

  • Grey Coverage Specialist 

  • Lived-in cuts that last up to 3 months

  • Co-creating a simple plan for your hair that's custom for you & how you live.  

  • Educator: Teaching you how to maintain and style your hair 

  • Efficiency in timing and Consistency in results

  • Salon ownership, runway, editorial, live television, bridal and more!


A New Salon Experience & Remote Hair Coach


Mom, Professional, Wife, Friend, Aunt, Daughter, Troop Leader, Teacher...I wear a lot of hats, just like you. And just like you, they change frequently. 

THE STRUGGLE IS IN THE JUGGLE, and I totally get it. 


With over 20+ years salon ownership, runway, live TV, editorial magazines, and as a national beauty industry educator, Hairdo-lini is my solution to life's constant pull towards changing hats & doing all the things...with really good hair! 

I have personally trained and educated a team of colorists to deliver expert hair + world class mindfulness. Like a yoga studio, you will be able to choose the time, day & artist that's best for you  OR schedule a Remote Consult with me anytime to learn what you and your hair truly need! 

The Offerings


1. KISMET - 1:1  Colour, Cutting , and Styling by the hour, you choose the services

2. BLISSED-OUT - Private Colour Healing Session with all the things

3. POP-IN-PLEASE (PIP)  Colour , Professional application you take down at home. 

4. YOGA CLASSES- Semi-Private and Private sessions of Kundalini, TRE, Hair tutorials, Intro to Hairdo-lini class and  your custom formulation session. 

5. REMOTE CONSULT- Love your hair from anywhere by learning exactly what you need & how to ask for it from any stylist or salon anywhere

(more details on our offerings are provided in the app) 

The Story  (WTF is Hairdo-Lini?)

The Hairdo-lini experience started in women’s kitchens where I began to understand, first-hand, the struggle of successful women and their juggle. I began to bring the yogic modalities to them, to help ease their stress while I colored their hair. 


was the number one recurring phrase I heard and I knew something special was born. . 


It became my mission to launch beauty from the inside out to the greater community.  

My Purpose

My  purpose is to positively impact my immediate community, one head at a time,  via this new method of 

Expert Hair + World-Class Meditation

and to teach other hair pros to deliver this method to their clients too! 


Today, that begins with you.

Will you join me in experiencing this new hair experience? 

All the Best in Beauty and Balance,

Elisabeth C. Wolfson


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