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And our most common responses!


What is a session like? Are we doing Yoga? 

Sessions are punctual, calm, fun, and comfortable. No, you are not in downward dog or any 'yoga for exercise' type postures. You will be in a comfortable salon chair or lying comfortably in the cadillac of salon sinks. 

What forms of payment do you take?

All of them. 

CC, Debit, Venmo, Cash, & Check. 

You will need a CC or Debit to set up an account. Cards are captured for your trial but you will not be charged until you purchase a session or package. 

*You may not update your cc with your artist at time of service. That needs do be done by you through the platform. 

Do I have to schedule an INTRO Session to come? 

No, it's not mandatory for any service except PIP.  

The INTRO is highly  recommended for anyone new to our space.  This is not your typical salon business model, so many find it helpful and enjoyable. 


There is an assessment at the beginning of every 1:1 service.  

*Not for the PIP Colour offering- for this you need a formulation session first and we offer a PATCH TEST during the INTRO if you are curious about any sensitivities.

Do I have to book online? 

Yes, Your booking options are available through our custom app

You need a CC or DEBIT to reserve the appointment. 

If you are not comfortable with online booking, the INTRO is a great way for me to help you set up an account, book your first service, and add the booking page to your homescreeen. It's also helpful if you wish to meet and speak with an artist prior to your service.

What exactly is a PIP Colour? 

PIP is the acronym for Pop In Please. This new offering is for existing guests who already have a formula stored.  

You can pop into the schedule with little or no advance booking to have your color professionally applied and then are given everything you need to remove the color at home, on your own.  

Yes, it is spelled correctly, with the European spelling: a nod to Elisabeth's training + ingredient knowledge + & standards. 

May I have a list of all the lines you use and ingredients for color and hair care? 

No, this is proprietary information and part of our secret sauce.  It has taken over 20 years of trial and error to find the exact products that are customized during your hair session based on your hair's needs that day.  We cherry-pick the best across multiple lines depending on what your hair needs and your body chemistry. 

Companies who we buy from do not allow us to reveal the lines since we add our own ingredients to balance them further thus manipulating their original formula. 

*Patch tests are available upon request and highly recommended for anyone with a deeper curiosity as an industry standard practice & and available during the INTRO


  • your cleanser (shampoo) is custom blended right at the sink with treatments (conditioners) curated based on the season. 

  • your hair color has added ingredients from droppers  ( a blend of organic seed oils or protein bonding agents) we receive as raw ingredients. 

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