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Start Here

We can't wait to meet you!

Step One

Peruse the Method page to get to know why we are different,  how it all works,

and what results you can expect here:

  • easiest online booking 

  • no-brass results

  • non-toxic formulas

  • punctuality

  • education 

  • at-home color extender options

Step Two

Schedule your New Guest Session

All our new guests need to indulge in a Session in-person.   

During the session you will learn everything you need to know and tour our space to understand our offerings. 

You will receive our signature  meditative hair wash + sample experience of your choice.  This includes instruction on how to schedule + patch test + Q&A to develop your hair plan.

Choose a  New Guest option in our system. 

Step Three

Check your email: 

All the info you need about location date and time will come to your email.  


You will receive confirmation notifications 24 hours in advance and one hour prior. 

You will also see our cancellation policy of 5 hours so you can reschedule up to 5 hours in advance and avoid being charged for future services. 


Arrive feeling relaxed and confident.   We  can’t wait to meet you!

Have more questions?  Check out the  FAQ.

The Pre-Visit

Immediately after booking, you will receive a series of confirmations. Please be mindful of our 5 hour cancellation policy. 

  • Ampul parking is in the lot behind the building, on the corner of Morse & Franklin and there is a walkway leading up to the front purple door. 

  • You'll take a deep breath and enter quietly. Head upstairs, because you have arrived!  

  • You'll notice the sound of the fountain and the warm feeling of the color purple all around you: the color of royalty & spirituality. 

  • Custom scent in the air, like a luxury spa/hotel: breathe it in. Your shoulders will begin to soften while you relax on the bench. 

  • Tea Station  with complementary tea.  The cold faucet in the green bathroom spouts filtered water. 

  • Silence your cell phone- time to disconnect. 

  • If we are ever going to be more than 15 minutes behind, you will receive a text in advance. 

  • Please be mindful of the other wellness practitioners and respectful of their guests with your voice and your belongings. 

We won't waste any time getting started!

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The Consultation

This is by far most new guests' favorite part.  

We take a moment to get grounded and help you familiarize yourself with the surroundings.  

Then, we talk about your hair and do a proper needs assessment. 

This includes what services we will do, why, how much, and how often you will need to upkeep. 

It is an opportunity for Q&A.  We often pull up pictures and color swatches to be sure we are on the same page.  

The consultation takes 5-15 minutes and is included in every service except PIP-color, which you need a separate formulation session for. 

After Goodbye

Before leaving, we will look at your hair from all angles in the mirror.  We will take a few minutes to assess when you will need to come back and for which service(s) so you can schedule when it best serves you. 


Within 1-2 days, you will receive a message from your artist via text  asking how your hair is performing & following up with any links to recommendations you may have discussed.  

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