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Our Team

While our space is gorgeous, our team is the most beautiful piece of Hairdo-lini.  Our artists are driven, inspired, caring and take their career seriously.

We are careful with who we bring to the salon.  Those who are unmotivated, negative or don’t care to connect with the rest of the group won’t be invited to join our team.  You can have peace of mind knowing that if you choose to work with us as an hourly applicator or commission seasoned stylist, you’ll love the other artists  working here too. 


Our Mission

Empowering stylists to build their dream business on their own terms.

To offer a roadmap to success via step by step certification.

To impact the salon industry via conscious beauty offerings  and co-creating healthy + wealthy careers. 

To create a supportive space to thrive. 

Develop your brand & grow.


Our Culture

Hairdo-Lini Artists are a combination of full time and part time hourly or commission based employees. 

Our mission  is to provide a salon and culture where you’re able to work a schedule that fits into your lifestyle while earning an income you’re proud of.

With ongoing professional education, we are working mindfully in every aspect of our craft. 

Ongoing education & meditation classes.


What We Offer

We offer a Roadmap Certification Program to success for those interested in learning our signature method working a minimum of 2 hours-max of 25 hours/week.


Work Your Own Way in a private suite for seasoned stylists who want to do their own thing working a minimum of 1 day - max of 4 days/week. 


High pay & flex hours.

Shall we talk?

Get ready to spoil your clietnts rotten!


We embrace wellness with a passion to fulfill our purpose to change the world one head at a time through expert hair sessions.  Here, our guests discover how to feel nourished, grounded and beautiful and then take that well-being back to their families and communities. Bam! The world changes, one head at a time. 


All of our artists choose to embrace our 3 service standards which ensures our guest experience is second to none for all our guests who come to the salon.


We proudly provide spa slippers, towels, drapes, retail for sale, station products, a full tea station, stocked snacks, and a selection of shared-use clips, tint brushes, bowls, and whisks for your use. 


We also have a gorgeous social media page to help promote your business, and offer optional marketing campaigns and events.  You’ll love welcoming your guests into our inviting salon space. 

Education is based on a trademarked Mind-Body-Beauty approach to dressing hair. 

You'll love what you do and finally get to do what you love!

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